Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Koalas Saturday swim

Today was the KW Koalas Saturday swim practice 12 to 1pm at WLU pool. Good session, nice to be able to really work on some of the members stroke mechanics. I definitely need to purchase a video camera so I can take video of their strokes and then be able to show them right away. The next two Saturdays we do not have Saturday swim and for the next practice I will bring my laptop to show them Mr.Smooth. Really nice to see them improve in the water and get fitter over these last few months. Consistent training focusing on skill development while building endurance.
I then got home and had to do an indoor biking session. I think I could of rode outside today, mind you it is really cold with that wind. Ended up doing a nice bike session, more of a recovery ride with some super spins. Hit 185 on the cadence metre today and that is a new high. Yesterday I was able to swim 1:28 100m and then the rest around 1:33. Off to shower and a bite to eat then to a kids birthday party! Fun, fun, fun!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ziggys 25th Anniversary!

Last night my friends and I went to Ziggys cycle shops 25th Anniversary. I have been going there for bike tune ups and repairs and to buy bike accessories for 5-6 years now and there have been alot of changes. The changes lately have been great, more customer focused than before. Margaret, seen here posing with me on the left, has been tireless in rebuilding the shops reputation. Last night was a great example with free food, free beer and wine (which I got my fair share of last night!) and door prizes. This is a good story with the door prizes as when I put my name into the draw I told my friends that I was going to win a prize. Sure enough they called my name! Well I sure got my in your face game on then didn't I!! I ended up picking out a camelback hydration system, very nice indeed! Brent, Scott, eat your heart out....hahahahaha:)

Seen here in the picture is the new Giant Trinity TT bike, fully carbon fibre frame, forks, seat tube and aerobars. Plus wireless gear shifters, very cool bike! The two companies that I've seen this year making a huge investment in there triathlon bikes has been Giant and Quintana Roo. I didn't ask how much this particular bike went for but I'm thinking at least 10k, if not more. Bravo Ziggy's and well done on the party even if I did drink too much wine!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23rd

The day that was. We had our swim session at WLU today and 4 members came out. Included was our newest member and one that hasn't been out for awhile due to a death in the family. Long course swimming is always like truth serum. What I mean by that is whenever you swim the 50 metres as opposed to the 25 metres, having a good stroke technique comes to the fore front. You can get away with some mistakes swimming 25 metres as you get to push off the wall twice as much, not in long course. It is easier for your stroke to brake down as your set goes on.
Having the newest member out today I was able to watch her swim and noticed right away that she has had some swimming background as a youngster. Pretty easy to spot the swimmers that have had the early training versus those that haven't. Now it is just a matter of building up her endurance because after 30 minutes she was tired. Me, 30 minutes and I am just warming up some days!
Then later on in the day I went and met and signed up another new member. He is a funeral director and I met him at the funeral home! It is what it is and he is a nice guy, very genuine and I am looking forward to working with him and getting to know him better. He is very keen to train and do a try-a-tri to start, then do 1 or 2 sprint races this summer. Should be fun! I told him I definitely am going to set up a campsite at Guelph Lake 1 triathlon for the weekend for the KW Fighting Koalas. Pretty much all of us will be racing their that weekend and it will be a good social thing for us, bring out our families as well and have some fun!
Lastly, it was supposed to be our first official run practice at 6:30pm at Waterloo Park but no one showed up:) Three people told me they could not make it but didn't hear from the others. In talking to other people that have shown interest in the club they always ask what practices does the club have. Well we do have the swimming and now I have scheduled a run and bike practice so lets hope the members can make it out! I am really excited about the practices and coaching everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a busy week!

What a busy week! I just got finished working on my new athletes programs. These are usually the hardest ones to figure out with their schedules, weaknesses, where they are at etc. Once this first 4 week program is in place we can build form there. I was able to get a bike workout in today before supper in between working on the two new programs. Did a 50min indoor spinerval workout and worked it pretty hard to try and boost up my HR. I did max out at 176 which is almost maxed out for me. I really focused on base training this winter on the bike and now it is time to build on this fitness with some higher intensity workouts.
So now I can relax a little bit and get ready for this next week of training, coaching and meeting two potentially new members. More work but I love it!! So much fun and I cant wait until the whole club gets out for practices and then into the race season to see all of my athletes reach and surpass their goals!