Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Swim Clinic

Today was our swim clinic which was coached by Dean Boles. Seven people signed up and all really enjoyed the session. I appreciated their enthusiasm and taking the time to come out. Other than a little mix up with the pool, everything went great! It has being a busy week with two new members signing up and two more potential athletes next week! Lots of work to finish off this weekend with the two new training plans to get done by Sunday. Doing the athlete questionnaire before hand is priceless when it comes to making up their plans. I really get a good sense of where they are at with amount of time available, which days are better or worse for them, their strengths and weaknesses.
I think the biggest item I can stress to everyone is skill development. There is an old saying that its not practice makes perfect but perfect practice makes it perfect! Can we attain perfect? Of course not but what we can strive for is to be the best that we can be. I myself have improved my swimming, ex: my 200m times early this year were around 3:25 to 3:30 range now i can bang off a easy 200 in 3:19! Ive gone as quick at 3:12! But for me the biggest improvement comes with the ease with which I am swimming and will soon do a 750m time trial to see where I am at.
Getting out for biking this past week was really nice especially with the great we've been having. Riding a Blue T12 TT bike now and have been making a few adjustments to the bike. Nothing major but a little tweak here and there so I can feel comfortable and strong and fast! Also getting used to the gears as my old bike was only an eight speed and now I am riding a 10 speed! Little bit of a learning curve but I believe if I ride it for another 2-3 weeks I should start to feel very comfortable in it. Unfortunately today the weather turned cold so no riding today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KW Koalas is taking off!

Alright! Happy to report the person signed up last night and is our newest Koala! I then have a meeting with another person tonight and one next week, woohoo! Keep it coming and growing.
Finally got the Blue triathlon bike out yesterday for a 50km ride. It is going to take a few rides to get used to it and get it dialed in properly. Nice ride though with the carbon fibre forks and seat post to help absorb some of the chatter from the rough roads. Gorgeous day out for riding as is today St Patricks Day!
This Saturday is our eagerly awaited swim clinic! It is at WLU pool and starts at 11am and goes to 12:30. Great session to hone up on your swimming skills and technique for the upcoming triathlon season. As a coach, I have been focusing on skill development early on along with endurance building. Really important to build that aerobic engine up properly for the rigors of the harder training sessions and racing to come lter on in the spring/summer. Many times triathletes will get out there and hammer away time after time and eventually will have some type of injury and/or overtraining symptom show up. I know I have fallen into that trap and its not pretty.
Have a great St.Pattys day!!