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Friday, December 3, 2010

Touched by fate

This past Tuesday I received an email from one of my athletes. She asked me if I would like to meet her around 3:45pm to go for a run before our scheduled swim session. Now keep in mind that we have had in place a run on Tuesday after the swim session. After I thought about it for a minute I decided I would meet up with her for a run as I thought it would be a good chance to chat with her about the upcoming few weeks leading into Christmas and some of her travel plans.
I then met her at WLU and off we went for a nice run, planning for about 45 minutes. 15 minutes into the run she started to complain of feeling like allergies were kicking in. You know the feeling? Your eyes start to feel puffy and scratchy, maybe need to sneeze etc. So we stopped running and started to walk when she asked me if her eyes were swollen. Yes they were puffy and seemed to be getting a bit worse. She then stated that her throat felt swollen and was having a hard time swallowing. By this time I was getting a little concerned and she looked a little woozy and unsteady on her feet. When she then stated that she was having difficulty breathing alarm bells went off in my head and I asked her if maybe we should go to the emergency at the hospital, which was luckily only 2-3 blocks away. We then started to walk to the hospital, made all the more challenging with her increasingly feeling worse. At one point I had to take her hand to lead her in the direction of emerg because her eyes were getting too swollen to see properly.
We finally got into emerg and signed into the triage sheet and then to sit and wait our turn. This is when she started to take a turn for the worse, feeling increasingly uncomfortable and feeling like she was going to pass out. She then wanted to lay down and I went into full "she needs to get in right now!" mode. The emerg nurse being alert took her in right away to get some info and then her blood pressure which was about 77/40, not good! The nurse called her in right away and then stepped out of the room when my athlete wanted to lay down on the floor. We then picked her back up off the floor. The nurses then got her up to the stretcher and away they took her! I was informed that the doctors will look at her and do whatever they had to do to counteract the allergic reaction. The doctors told her she had an anaphlaytic reaction and her heart was dangerously close to cardiac arrest, thus why she wanted to lay on the floor! From what exactly? Possibly some organic or natural peanut butter with test to determine the exact cause.
Being touched by fate? I believe so because I don't normally run at this time on Tuesdays and if she was out running by herself, who knows what would of happened? Scary to think that she could of laid down on the side of the road because her heart was going into cardiac arrest and been all by herself! It was starting to get dark out and who knows if a passing car would of seen her and cared to stopped to help? I was just so glad that I said yes to her request to go for a run and be their for her in her time of need! I should mentioned that I was able to place a phone call in to her mom, who then called her husband at work. He showed up shortly after and I filled him in on what happened. I then told the nurse that her husband arrived and she checked to see if we could go in. We got the ok and went in and she was doing better. I then left husband and wife knowing she was in good hands. I then received text messages from the husband keeping me updated. She was observed until 8:30pm and then released. She is now doing fine but needs to carry an epipen with her at all times! And as previously stated, getting tests to determine the exact cause of the reaction.
So there you have it! My experience with being touch by fate.