Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Friday, November 12, 2010

This week.

This past Wednesday night at 6:30pm the KW Koalas had their first indoor biking session! One of our members gratefully offered up his garage for our workout. The garage is perfect! He has a nice heater to warm the space up, it is fully insulated and the floor is covered and not bare concrete! Add in some warm bodies and we got a nice sweat going for sure. I am excited to have this space to use each week for our members and get a nice bike workout in once a week. Even in the winter time when its snowing and cold, this space will still work out and keep us warm, maybe even too warm!
Our swim sessions have been hit and miss for a lot of members these past few weeks, but all in all, still well attended. Saturday at noon I rent out two lanes just for our group and on the 20th Mat Reid will be coming to visit bringing with him our Koalas 2011 clothing for all to see. Time for the KW Koalas to fly the colours at the races next year!!
For our runs sessions, next week we will be doing the usual swim session at 5pm and then right after go for the run right from the pool instead of going over to the park. Park is still nice and there are people out running but just for convenience sake, we will run from the pool.