Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Thursday, April 28, 2011

First outdoor biking workout for the KW Koalas!

Yesterday saw some nasty weather come through KW most of the early part of the day on Wednesday and again around 4pm. High winds with a couple of possible tornadoes! Some people said there was hail and of course rain. But by 5pm the storm passed through and watching the online weather radar, it looked like the worse of the storm was gone. I then sent out an email to all the members saying that the biking practice was a go! It turned out to be a beautiful evening for biking with the wind dying down somewhat and the sun popping out!
We started off with 5 minutes of stretching at our bikes before we went out on the road. Then biked out to Country Squire road which is a nice 2-3km loop that works great for our early season practices. The road drops down into Country Squire so there is a nice little hill as well that I incorporate into our practices. Early in the year I like to work on pedal stroke efficiency, endurance and strength. We worked on pedaling drills like shoe scrappers, knee thrusters, scissor kicks, and one legged drills. We then did two hills repeats before heading back to the parking lot. Once back to the parking lot and putting our bikes away we then headed out for an easy 20 minute run along the trail that runs through the golf course. Very nice to get outside for biking and a short run with my athletes! Thanks to all of the members that came out last night for our first bike/run practice of 2011!