Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Friday, May 28, 2010

Good week of training

With the great hot weather that has set in, this past week or so has been great for training! Really nice to get out on the bike and not have to deal with 35km/h winds the whole time. Just hot sunshine and gentle winds, perfect! This weather saw some extremely fast times for this past Mondays Victorias Duathlon on the bike as well. One of the KW Koalas did his very first duathlon and did a respectable job indeed! His second run especially was very good and now up next will be his first ever triathlon!!
Great to see alot of the members coming out to the practises on a regular basis and seeing there improvements from week to week. Also nice to see some biking improvements for myself as well! I started off my training indoors and worked exclusively on aerobic threshold training only. This is not to be confused with going easy, zone 1 training because it's not. I rode indoors on my trainer and held my heart rate in a zone of 130 to 140 heart beats per minute and continued to do this outdoors. I have now started to do more strength training on the bike and today was a good workout. We went out to Milton and rode the Milton triathlon bike course first. This entails at about the 3km mark going up the 6th line hill. This hill is a little over 2km in total and in some parts kicks up to over 9% grade! I good test first thing in the morning, or anytime actually. Once over the hill we continued to do the rest of the route. Then I get to have a little fun going down the 6th line hill and hit 75km/h going downhill! Fun:) But then we decided to do two more hill repeats, which was good. Legs felt good and hours later still feel pretty good.
So the point I am trying to make is this; all the aerobic threshold training that I have done is starting to pay off. Because now I can add in big hill repeats and soon some speed work and my body and legs are ready for it. I am recovering quicker than before as well. My bike has a computer mounted with a HR readout and I watch it pretty close to see how quickly my HR deceases after maxing out on the big hill and I was happy that it did drop pretty quickly. I also am happy with how I am biking at point close to 40km/h and my heart rate is around the 140 to 145 range! Love it. This means I am generating lots of power, well more than in the past, and using less energy to do it because I am cycling at a lower heart rate!! Sweet. So if I continue on my training path on June 20th I will find out for sure how much faster I really am! And we shall see this summer how the rest of the KW Koalas make out in mostly their first year of racing.