Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Monday, February 21, 2011

Social media links

This is all my social media links for the KW Fighting Koalas Triathlon club!!/koalasrob!/pages/Kitchener-Waterloo-Fighting-Koalas-Triathlon-club/197359290292997

I plan on trying to post on twitter at the start of the week the KW Koalas weekly practices and then daily reminders.
The facebook fan page is for posting pictures and practices and any updates or news.
The youtube account I post videos of my athletes and all of the videos so far are from the pool. This is a great tool so the athletes and myself can see what is going on with their stroke above and below the water!
My web page is the main portal that members are attracted to initially through google searches. It has a lot of information on the club, social media links, practice schedule, and other triathlon links. It also has a few pictures but I have posted all my pics on the facebook fan page!
Enjoy my social media links and I welcome any suggestions or comments.
Thank you!
Koach Koala