Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

March warmer than May?

Yesterday was another chilly, windy May day. Bizarre that March was warmer than May! So far the weather this Month has been awful, windy, cold and wet most days. But, I managed to get a 50km ride in yesterday. This was the first ride for me in over a week due to my cut in my left leg that required four stitches, and it was not a problem at all! Tried to keep the ride aerobic but didn't due so good. With the wind made it almost impossible to stay aerobic. One thing I was able to do though was to keep my cadence higher. Time to start doing more quality sessions on the bike, ie; hills and intervals! My first race is a little over a month away and my goal race is in July. So starting with this Wednesday nights Koalas bike practice, time for pump it up! For some of the members this will be their hardest bike session ever! Looking forward to this workout for sure!! Now off to the pool, then back to the pool, then Koalas run (if its not pouring down rain at that time).