Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Thursday, February 10, 2011

KW Koalas updated webpage and Koalas new website!

The Fighting Koalas triathlon club has recently updated the website and gotten rid of the old one. Visit the new website here with a new design and a much clearer home page to navigate from. Everything is listed on the home page of all the Fighting Koala that you will need, as well as all the franchises listed across the top. Therefore, much easier to find the KW Fighting Koalas web page now, have a look at the new page here
Much nicer set up overall and very much easier to navigate around back to the home page or to other franchises or to the athlete log in page. We are also able to list this blog address in the site along with my twitter account address and my soon to be facebook KW Fighting Koalas fan page!

Now to the club. It has been a snowy and very cold January and most of the members have been affected with colds or the flu at some point. Others have just had the motivated drained out of them, myself included for a couple of weeks, with this nasty weather. But it is soon to get better and a return to better attendance at practices as well.
I will soon be launching some new indoor biking workouts for some of the club members that will challenge them like never before! Along with abdominal, yoga, functional strength and core strengthening exercises and new biking techniques, these workouts will elevate all of our biking fitness!! I have started to do some of the workouts myself and have instantly noticed a difference. I really love doing the stretching and cool down workouts the best.
In my next blog I will write about some of my training techniques that I am implement with the members such as consistency and pacing. Til then, swim fast, bike hard and run like the wind!