Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Time for holiday madness!

Today marks the end of the KW Koalas "fall schedule". We are now heading into two weeks of our designated "Casual Week"! Casual week is two weeks of casual training and practises. If you can get a practise in, great! If not that is ok too because you are probably out shopping or with family or friends or at a party (I know I will be!).

This past fall has been a lot of fun. We have gained some new members who bring some extra energy and enthusiasm to the club. In the new year we will be adding a new member along with one starting early while still in school. I am really excited for the new year and hopeful that we will be adding even more members to our great club! Practise attendance has understandably been a little low leading into the Christmas season but those who have made it out have shown good energy. We did have a really nice swim and run practise a few weeks ago with the run going into Waterloo park to run with the Christmas lights. Here are a couple of pics, quality not the greatest but enjoy!

This pic is a little dark because my flash didn't go off, but you can see Santa in the background! Santa liked to dance whenever you got close enough to him, a dancing Santa, too funny!

This pic the flash went off but I got rebound flash from the jackets! And it is a little blurry, I think my lens was a little damp from the run or snow, or both. Oh well, we had fun! Hohoho!

Merry Christmas everyone! Drive safely when out on the roads. Have fun and enjoy the holidays and see you in the new year!!