Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Friday, April 23, 2010

Practice day and Koalas are growing again!

So today I went to the Rec centre pool for a 11am, 45min swim with a Koala followed by an hour bike ride. The swim we just did a longer type of swim for the 45mins only stopping a few times. Can't say that I enjoyed the swim due to the pool being very cloudy and it seemed to slightly burn my face, like I've been out in the hot sun all day, blah.
Then for the bike we headed towards Bamberg but not quite going all the way into Bamberg. Mostly going over gear selection and how to climb hills properly but mostly just to get out for the member to get a bit longer ride in with me leading the way to keep her motivated!
Then off for a badly needed massage. Oh the pain in my shoulders and neck, ouch! The muscles felt like boulders and took a lot of work for then to release. I also have a little tightness inside my left thigh that was very sensitive to the work but did release nicely. Now after my supper I will be icing it down. My masseuse gave me a couple of stretches for my inner thigh that I will have to do alot, then ice it down. Oh, I also have an appointment set up for next Thursday with the sports doctor to finally look at the MRI done on my right knee. Slow going but we are progressing. Lets hope its not too badly damaged and I will be able to start running this summer!!
Now, after all this the KW Fighting Koalas has grown again!! Another person has joined the club today and is very excited, as am I! So much fun coaching everyone and seeing them progress and get better and fitter and working towards the upcoming races this summer :)
Ok time to eat, I am starving. (then ice the leg).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Koalas bike practice

Wednesday night is Koalas bike practice night, 6:30 starting at Rim Park. I was there a little before 6:30 and no one was there. I was starting to think no one was going to show up then within 1 minute four people showed up! Well actually five but he did not join us on his mountain bike and went on his own. I did find out afterwards one other member showed up and then left on his own thinking we were already gone out!
Tonight's workout was harder than I thought it was going to be. Two laps of one legged drills, two laps of super spins, three laps of dropping down one gear each lap but keeping the same cadence from the starting gear to ending gear. You have to start easier because it gets harder and on the backstretch of the loop was a wicked wind. We then did two hill repeats, first one at 85% and second one full out! We did it grand prix style, sending off the weakest to strongest! Yep, that was hard! But I am really enjoying the Wednesday session, lots of fun and good company. It is fun to dish out the punishment but I did really feel it tonight on the last hill but after that I was good. Just wait til I start getting them doing hard intervals! I don't know if they realize that yet....hehehehe :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 a days

Two a day workouts are hard. They are also paying off. First was the noon swim. I have been having a hard time relaxing lately but I forced myself to relax today in the pool. But it wasn't until late in the session on 2x200m when I did finally relax and get my times back down to where I know I can swim. When I do this it feels so close to a major breakthrough of time dropping but I would have to swim everyday for that to happen.
Then it was off for a bike ride shortly after the swim. At first my legs were kind of screaming at me and my mind was trying to tell me sitting on the couch would be way better. But I pushed through knowing at some point it would get better, and it did. I ended up having a decent ride, fastest this year so far. I have managed to get almost 500kms of outdoor riding so far this spring and I don't even think I got out last year til this time. 17 degrees with a small west wind made for a nice riding day. Got home and did some nice stretching, trying to loosen up my legs. I think I need to book a massage for next week as my legs tend to get very thick and if I'm not careful I get cramps. Not good.
Then tonight's run practice at 6:30pm and only one member came out. Glad she did but where are the rest of the members? Something I will have to look into and see why they are not coming out to this session. Up tomorrow is the 6:30 bike practice which has been well attended! Nice weather this week so no excuses!!