Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Biking 101 and practice

On a chilly but sunny morning the KW Koalas had a biking 101 session followed by a little biking to Bamberg and back. Thanks to all the members that came out! Nice to see everyone and to give them a chance to meet each other as well.
The biking 101 we talked about the importance of aerobic based training and the huge benefits that come with building a big aerobic engine, especially for newer triathletes. Good to get them all on the same page with my training principles and a chance for them to ask some questions. We then did some basic bike fitting tips that I have learned along the way. These tips are in no way a replacement for a proper bike fit but I find that it gets you pretty close. For sure you need the measurements done before you purchase an expensive bike, you want the right size bike for you! We then went over the stuff you will need to take with you on your bike when you are biking out in the country. Nothing worse then getting a flat without a replacement tube.
Then it was off for a nice little ride in the Bamberg hills. Some of the members have never biked these hills before and they can be tough. The second hill is 12% grade. Not very long but when you are just starting to bike or get into shape it is a nasty little hill!
All in all a fun day! I am really looking forward to coaching the current group of Koalas into the spring and summer and race season!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Todays swim session

Today for Koalas hit the noon swim at WLU pool! Nice to see the members coming out this week. I especially liked the main workout that we did after a 3x200m warm up we did 100m pull, 4x25m on 0:25, 100m pull, 4x25m on 0:25, 100m pull, 4x25m on 0:25, 100m pull then 100m fast! I did it in 1:27, not bad not great. 100m pull, 100 kick then 2x100m easy. I then did a little more swimming with the other members in "Catch the coach"! Such fun :) Nice to see the ladies in the club getting out to swim and not feel intimidated by us Not very likely. Hopefully next week I see more of the members out for the noon swims and the scheduled Saturday swim at noon.
After the swim I heading over to the coffee shop to meet up with a potential new Koalas member! He is in university and will be finished in a couple of weeks so I invited him out for tomorrow mornings biking 101 practise and after he is done his exams will we get him started on some serious training. These young guys are great because I can really torture him even worse than I do with my buddy and they recover so much quicker then us old guys. Seriously though, endurance, skill development and consistent training is the key. Get him on the right path now and it will pay off for years to come.
Up next for tomorrow is the Biking 101 practice! Just hope it warms up and the wind dies down because it is cold and windy out today...brrrr.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last nights bike practise and bad weather

Last night I had one member saying no go to the bike because it was raining, another saying no after I talked to them and it was raining, so I sent out an email to all the members cancelling the practise due to rain. Well one member did not get the email in time but two other chose to go out and bike anyways! Gold stars have been requested and now awarded via the KW Triathlon blog to the three keeners biking in the rain. I did post on the webpage that bike practise would be cancelled if it is raining at the start time. Geezz! Well...who am I to complain or criticize about biking in the rain. What the members did not know is that I did 30km ride earlier in the day and it was wet with off and on :) Next time I promise to at least come out to the practise to see if anyone comes on, bad coach bad!

Monday, April 5, 2010


After taking Sunday off for some much needed R&R I was back at it today. I just had to relax and enjoy some sunshine yesterday in the backyard, too nice to pass up. So today was an hour swim at WLU. Mostly drills and 50s but felt tired. Then a few hours later I did a half hour indoor spin. I guess I'm tired so that's OK. Tonight I was working on and finishing two new athlete programs! Lots of work for sure and now its time for them to get into action! So now I think I will go to bed and read for awhile then go to sleep. Goodnight all!