Kitchener Waterloo Fighting Koalas

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Awesome weekend

Wasn't this just an awesome weekend? Great weather, sunshine, slight breeze, no rain! The KW Koalas got out for a bike ride on Saturday morning and did a nice 63km ride. We tried to keep the ride mostly aerobic at a relaxed pace with a couple of quick stops. Here was one of the stops. As you can see full smiles all around! The route we took a haven't been on one stretch of road before and was wondering why I never have? Nice gentle rollers into a steady climb. At the end of the road is a really nice view! In the picture behind and to the right is Wellesley. This stretch of road has been repaved recently and is great for biking, along with the newly paved Hessen-Strasse road. I really love biking this time of year when it is sunny and warm. I will get out to bike far into the fall with sunny weather. Oh I've been on lots of rides in the fall with crappy weather and as long as its still a little warm out I'm good with that also! The next three weekends are going to be busy race filled weekends. First up Guelph Lake 2 this Saturday, then Wasaga Beach on the 11th, then Lakeside tri on the 18th, which i am signed up for. Looking forward to the KW Koalas rocking these upcoming races!