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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Todays swim and crappy weather!

Today was our Saturday swim session. At first I thought only a few were going to show up but then we ended up with a good turnout. After the warm up we did 4x25m streamline kick/25m swim, 4x25m finger tip drill/25m swim. I then broke it up a bit and had the stronger swimmers do 2x400m with one person doing 2x200m the second 400m. The other guys I got them to work on perfect 25's. The idea for them was to concentrate on good form for just the 25m only. Working with these guys and trying to correct a few things, and at the same time get the ladies strokes down as well. Then it was time for some fun!
After a couple of months of hard work in doing drills and lap after lap, I decided to do a relay competition! I split the teams up accordingly and had the slower person go first, then the second person, third person then the anchors, me and AM! We won the first 4x50m relay!! Woohoo!! I then did a reverse order where I went first and the other team won that relay...boooo!!
I think everyone really enjoyed the friendly competition and a chance to just swim hard. Good thing it was only 50m! I then suggested the next relay will be an IM relay, ha! The group thinks they are working hard, and they are for sure. But I haven't even introduced the other strokes, back, breast or the dreaded butterfly. They don't know swimming pain until you start doing fly or IM sets, hehehehehe laughs the evil coach :)
But the weather is so crappy right now. 80km winds, tree blowing over makes for not a nice day to bike. I talked to one guy before we got into the pool and he said he had already been out biking. Not surprised. But by the afternoon it was almost snowing and raining, blah. Maybe tomorrow morning I will get on the trainer for an hour, just not today because its my BIRTHDAY!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rough ride on Saturday

Today, Sunday, two of us are licking are wounds from Saturday's bike ride. Myself, not even 10 minutes in I cut my left leg on the big gear ring which ended up needing 4 stitches! Didn't really hurt when I did it but it was kind of nasty with a little blood, grease and grit in the cut. Then I find out afterwards that another of the rides went down pretty hard popping out his shoulder, hitting his hip on the pavement along with scrapes. Not a good day on the bike! So the two of us today are hurting and licking not only our wounds, but I think our pride a little bit. One thing I learned from this is when stopped to make sure I'm not in the small big ring, and, to have the clipped in foot at the bottom, not the top. If I was in the big ring and my clipped in foot and the bottom, I would not of cut my leg. Not sure what was learned from the other rider going down as I was not there to see it. Pretty easy to go down when the roads are slick from rain. One thing I do is to deflate my tires a bit. Always done this at races when it was wet. So hopefully the both of us will be back at it very shortly!